Friday, October 3, 2008


ՉԷ՛… ՄԻ՛…

Winter is already in deep freeze
—As you said, dear soothsayer—
At this bitter moment of farewell,
I utter a last whimper…no…don’t!

The scorpion of life has stung deep,
No peaceful hour, no moment to grasp,
The scarf of illusion, threadbare,
May now unravel…no, do not gasp…

Dark looks have seared us too often,
We are now shackled in taut cuffs,
Often attempting to discard our skin
Shaking split tendons — no…don’t!

Pain has so badly torn its mask,
That darkness now despises blood
And as we seek solitude’s embrace
You shudder, shiver, spell, no…don’t!

Sometimes I wish to end this game,
I say it’s a shame, a wanton deed,
To sever all ties with one fell swoop,
As my mad soul screams, no…don’t!

Translated By: Tatul Sonentz

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