Friday, October 3, 2008



I know this song
Is becoming stale—
You are in your bed,
I am in my shell.
We are separated
Both by cruel fate,
And this murky road
That seems not to end…
I toss and turn.
I know this wound
Can hurt to the core,
Even cold indifference
Turns livid in vain,
There is no decision,
No vacillation
In the court of sin…
I toss and turn.
Even nocturnal dreams
Are by now silent,
The bridge over the limits
Of life and demise,
The strident roses
In the fancy vase…
I toss and turn.
I know this song
Can lead us far,
Sometimes remote,
At times intimate,
Sometimes detached
At times coupled…
I am in the tranquil tent
Of the stellar dreams
Of outer space,
But what is this game?
What song is this?
I toss and turn…

Translated By: Tatul Sonentz

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